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rocket100's Journal

Rocket100--An Evil Teams Pokémon Prompt Community
Viridian City
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome one and all to rocket100, the premier Pokémon prompt community on LJ! In here, you'll be given a list of 100 prompts that will hopefully light a fire under you, so you can write fics based on them! Sounds simple enough, right? Should be a lot of fun.

No claims are needed--write about who you want to! But since this is ROCKET100, I ask that you keep it to the Evil Teams. There's plenty of characters to go around in just those, after all!

So far we only have one prompt list, which can be found here.

Previously written fics can be found here, sorted by subject, or here, sorted by author.

Completion List!
-systemaurora--Feb 13th, 2008
-worsett--Feb 27th, 2011

-All fics must have *something* to do with one or more of the Evil Teams of Pokémon.
-No flaming. If you don't like a fic and want to say so, do so civily.
-Have some thick skin. If someone doesn't like your fic, or says what you can do to improve, don't throw a hissy fit unless they're breaking the rules to do so.
-I am blackjackrocket, thy mod. If you see someone breaking the rules, email me at cammycommando@yahoo.com. If for some reason you can't reach me, contact thy co-mod flagellantket at ketsurui_makura@hotmail.com.
-If you have an itch to post a non-Evil Team fic, I ask you to post it at the_sketchbook instead. Seriously, that comm rules.
-You don't have to write all 100 fics. It's preferred, but if you only want to do 50, or heck, 5, go for it. We're pretty relaxed around here.
-Write to any length, but fics of more than 200 words must be under a cut.
-Fics can be of any rating, but warn for anything over a PG, since this is an all-ages comm.
-Write about any continuity! Games, show, any of the mangas, or what-have-you!
-Most importantly, HAVE FUN. Pokémon is all about fun, right?

One last thing--our icon is by the lovely and talented nekusagi.

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