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Holy crap Blackjack is actually posting wow.

Anyway! With Gen 5 either already out or just about to come out, depending on where you live (or um, some distance around the bend for some), I updated the comm interests!

And now it's time for something we haven't done in a while--a bonus theme! Everyone, your theme this week fortnight month time period is Collapse )

Anyway, remember, you have to use one of the preexisting themes from our list, but this is to help give you a special little nudge. If you've already completed the list or are nearing the end (*glances around*), feel free to reuse one!

~The world thought they were gone

(EDIT: I accidentally tagged this as the wrong prompt. It's 55, not 16, and I can't seem to get it out.)

Me and Nekusagi have teamed up for a collaborative run at the prompt list using an alternate version of Team Rocket I'm developing for a future fanfic project. It's set sometime after the Giovanni event in HGSS.

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Ha ha! x3

A Wild Fangirl Appears!

Hi there! Newbie here, and this comm seems like a lot of fun, so I decided to join in as well. I'm also here to spread the love on evil!Surge. xD;

Anyways, here is my first fic. Feedback and critique are most definitely welcome, so tell me if something's wrong with my grammar usage and/or if I'm starting to derail his character.

Some later fics will also star a plucky would-be heroine OC.
Title: My Desire
Author:  3675309/Rozen
Rating: G
Characters: Lt. Surge and a couple of grunts
Prompt: #17-Leader

(Stupid Sexy Surge!)