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~Where one story ended and another began [May. 9th, 2010|11:16 pm]
Rocket100--An Evil Teams Pokémon Prompt Community


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"What in the world are you?"

The man, sharply dressed in a black trench coat with a similarly colored fedora atop his head, had just fallen in battle. To a child. For the second time.

It infuriated him, and as he took nervous steps back from the girl and her male companion, his mind was racing. For the past three years following his defeat at the hands of the now-legendary trainer Red, this man had been intensively training, yet this girl named Lyra... she'd beaten him.

"How is this possible? The past three years have been a waste...? How can a kid like you manage to destroy my dream once again? The precious dream of Team Rocket has become little more than an illusion..."

Despite his words, the man had known Team Rocket as he knew it was over long before this moment. He turned away from Lyra and the boy, whom he figured was her boyfriend, and took deliberate steps out of the small cavern.

He only stood at the lip of the cliff overlooking the waterfall outside for a moment before he jumped.

"Hey! Where has Giovanni gone? I wonder if he is listening to our broadcast..."

"I've been listening, Archer," Giovanni silently thought in response to the cultured, accented voice he could still faintly hear on the radio in his cave. "I was coming back, Archer... but it wasn't to reunite with you lot. I was coming to destroy you for betraying me... did you think you could lure me into your trap?!"

The water was drawing nearer and nearer to Giovanni's body as he fell. Tohjo Falls was also known for the fact its waters were shallow and rocky - facts that would offer Giovanni the sweet freedom from the torment of his treacherous subordinates and those cursed children.

Suddenly, though, something unexpected happened. Giovanni felt himself stop falling, and noticed that he had been caught by a Golbat.

"Master Giovanni, we've found you!" cried a pointed voice carrying a strong touch of femininity, which belonged to an equally feminine-looking man with sharp green hair. 

The moment he saw this man, Giovanni's heart sank greatly. It somewhat baffled him, however, to see the feminine man's companions - a middle-aged redhead woman dressed in white and a younger, bespectacled and curvaceous brunette. He jumped down the short distance from Golbat's height and faced them.

"Proton... why did you bring Ariana and Nekou here? Did you come to take me out on Archer's orders?"

"Not at all, Master Giovanni! The three of us found out about his plan. He was going to lure you back to the Radio Tower, then blow it up to kill you and all of us. You know who else was in on it? Petrel! PETREL!! The two of them were going to completely eradicate all traces of the current leadership of Team Rocket! The three of us took off on them and sought you out!"

"What an insidious plot..."
Giovanni shut his eyes in contemplation. Understanding that Proton, Ariana and Nekou came not to kill him but to help his dream survive heartened him greatly. "Archer's plan would have failed anyway. In order to erase all traces of me, he would have had to kill Silver too."

Ariana took a firm step forward. "It might be a good idea if we regrouped and sought our son out. He may be in danger if Archer was looking to assassinate you and erase your legacy."

"Ariana, Silver will be fine. You know how independent and strong he is."

"Um, sir... What will we do now then? It's just the four of us..."

Giovanni sighed in response to Nekou's question.

"We shall become like ghosts. We'll live in the shadows and get by as best we can until the time is right for our revenge. Even if that means we have to live in a cave like the Rock Tunnel."



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