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~What she was nobody knew [Apr. 14th, 2010|01:13 am]
Rocket100--An Evil Teams Pokémon Prompt Community


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That night brought heavy rains to much of Kanto. The entire region between Lavender Town and Cerulean City found itself under a torrential thunderstorm.

The middle-aged man in a black fedora looked out at the storm from the entrance of his new home, the Rock Tunnel, then stole back within, a candle in his hand to illuminate the darkness.

He soon came to an open cavern where he sat on a rock and set the candle down. It produced enough light to show the others in the chamber, a middle-aged redheaded woman, a younger, very feminine man, and a curvaceous brown-haired girl. All three were sound asleep in sleeping bags, the brown haired girl having her glasses on the rock next to her and her Sneasel out sleeping beside her for protection.

The man sighed and picked up a radio from near where he was sitting.

The voice on the radio was hard to hear, not only because of the low volume it was set to, but because of interference caused by the storm, despite the cave's proximity to the Kanto Radio Tower in Lavender Town.

"Documentary and drama! It's the Variety Hour! Hi everyone, it's Buena! Time for today's password!"

Sighing again, the man set the radio down and picked up his laptop. He thought for a second, taking a glance at the young brunette again, before entering a password to access a hidden file.

The words "Team Rocket Research File #4413687PE, author Prof. A. Sebastian - TOP SECRET. CLEARANCE LEVEL 10, for Boss Giovanni's eyes ONLY" appeared on the screen, accompanied by a password entry window. Giovanni obliged the computer's request, filling the window with the correct asterisks for entry.

April 20th, 2006. 19:22 hours.

We have made remarkable discoveries about the girl who was brought to our headquarters. The Grunts who brought her claimed she used pyrokinesis on them. Their claims appear to be true.

It appears the girl manifests some kind of power when placed in extreme stress or danger. Analysis of her genetic composition suggests that she has been somehow exposed to the DNA of various Pokémon, causing her own natural DNA to mutate and grant her some powers of those Pokémon. How this happened does not appear clear; however, when placed under induced sleep for examination, she constantly utters the word "Polaris." When conscious she exhibits all of the classic signs of extreme memory loss, so we assume that these utterings are due to suppressed memories, thereby leading us to conclude she may have had some ties with the cult-like organisation Polaris. At the extreme end of our theories, we postulate that she might have been exposed to horrifying experiments conducted by Polaris in their attempts to become one with Pokémon.

Regardless of the source of her strange powers, this is an opportunity for Team Rocket. We have named the girl "Nekou Usagi," and her powers, if harnessed correctly, could make her a remarkable asset. To that end I have developed a special pair of sunglasses to control her powers, which appear to manifest through her eyesight.

Giovanni took a deep breath as he finished reading the file and looked down again at the sleeping Nekou.

"What have I gotten myself into," he thought.

[User Picture]From: enigma_shadow1
2010-04-15 02:01 am (UTC)
lol Giovanni obsessing over his Blue Card
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